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IMOMD-RRT* System with
Geographical Information through
Multi-threaded Markov Clustering

Dongmyeong Lee, Jiunn-Kai Huang, Yingwen Tan, Vishnu Desaraju and Jessy W. Grizzle


Informable Multi-Objective and Multi-Directional RRT* (IMOMD-RRT*) System is a fast algorithm for finding an initial path for multi-destination path planning problems. However, the IMOMD-RRT* System has trouble finding a better path as spanning trees explore because of randomness. This paper introduces a preprocessing method that finds geographically important nodes (i.e., bridges) through multi-threaded Markov clustering. The geographical information helps the system find a good initial path between destinations for IMOMD-RRT* System. Moreover, the proposed IMOMD-RRT* system can find a better path by sampling random nodes with the informed initial path. The system only samples the random points which have shorter heuristic distances than the current path distance.

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